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a mysterious press book

The end of the road

by andrew welsh-huggins

Out now from Mysterious Press, Andrew's suspense-thriller “The End Of The Road.” Central Ohio-set and also a (very) loose retelling of the Odyssey. 


After several hard years alone, Penny just wants her life back, starting with her boyfriend, Myles, free of Pryor, the vicious, one-eyed crime boss whose wrongdoing sent Myles to prison. Then the newly released Myles is shot and left for dead by Pryor as punishment for refusing to join in one last bank robbery. On her lone wolf quest for vengeance, Penny connects with an unlikely comrade-in-arms—J.P., a rural Ohio sheriff’s deputy—as they face off with Pryor in a final, deadly confrontation.


"An elegant crime story … packed with quirky, entertaining characters and told in flowing prose that has a life of its own…. Recommend this to action fans and to anyone who can respond to golden—if blood-soaked—prose."

"A gripping novel that will latch onto you and refuse to let go all the way to its explosive end. The End of the Road sizzles with the sparks of its looming conflagration.”
—Lee Martin, Pulitzer Prize finalist author of The Bright Forever

"THE END OF THE ROAD by the talented Andrew Welsh-Huggins starts with a bang. Literally. And the tension and stakes only rise from there. This is the riveting and highly entertaining portrait of two unlikely but relentlessly determined protagonists who are seeking justice and peace at any cost. Smart, engaging, and expertly written—don’t miss it.”
—David Bell, USA Today bestselling author of The Finalists

"A crackerjack crime yarn chockablock with miscreants and a supersonic pace.”

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