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Short Fiction


"The Cumberland Gap"

Black Cat Weekly

PI Andy Hayes looks into a case of catfishing that annoyed the wrong 

kind of people.

"From Another Angle"

Alfred Hitchcock

Mystery Magazine

PI Andy Hayes encounters deadly forces as he investigates a lawmaker's unorthodox behavior

 "Cold Comfort"

Private Dicks and Disco Balls

A blizzard complicates private eye Jerry Hollister's efforts to find a missing man.


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Mickey Finn Vol. 4.jpg

"Our Abraham"

Mickey Finn 21st Century Noir: Vol. 4

A police officer tries to love and protect two sisters, with deadly consequences

Black Cat Mystery Magazine_October 2023.jpg

"The Legend of Yag-Gryllhoth"

Black Cat Mystery Magazine

October 2023

A rare book theft ring targets a newly discovered H.P. Lovecraft novel.

No One Goes Out To Eat Anymore.png

"No One Goes Out

To Eat Anymore"

Mystery Magazine

June 2023

The delivery of a long-lost locket takes a dark turn. A Mecury Carter adventure.

Mystery-Tribune-Issue-20-0-200x200-Wonder Falls.jpg

"Supply Chains"

Black Cat Weekly No. 89

May 2023

Unruly customers in a pandemic-era cafe test the owner's limits with their rudeness to a server.

"Wonder Falls"

Mystery Tribune

July/August 2023

A man grappling with his father's abandonment faces hard truths when called to his mother's dying bedside.

Supply Chains.jpg

"Supply Chains"

Black Cat Weekly No. 89

May 2023

Unruly customers in a pandemic-era cafe test the owner's limits with their rudeness to a server.



Black Cat Weekly No. 86, April 2023

A hired killer relies on routine, especially when things aren't always as they seem. 

Wedding Day.jpg

"Wedding Day"

Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine, February 2023

A detective on a run to the bank the day of his daughter's wedding has to think fast to stay on schedule.

Ignatius Run-And-Cola AHMM Jan-Feb 2023_edited.jpg

"Ignatius Rum-And Cola"

Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine, Jan/Feb 2023

In 1980s South Dakota, a Jesuit school superintendent new to a Lakota reservation must navigate powerful forces to solve a murder.

Mickey Finn 21st Century Noir Vol. 3.jpg

"The Delivery"

Mickey Finn 21st Century Noir: Vol. 3, Dec. 2022

A Mercury Carter adventure

A delivery to retired husband-and-wife professors reveals unexpected family dysfunction.



Tough Magazine, October 2022

The coronavirus pandemic presents an unexpected opportunity to a man with an unorthodox job

Tough-October 2022_edited.jpg

"Once Upon A Time There Was an Ocean"

Paranoia Blues, October 2022

A Rochester gangster licking his wounds in NYC gains the courage to right a wrong after an unexpected encounter


"Digging In"

Black Cat Weekly No. 40, June 2022

A woman finds her resolved tested in unusual ways after the discovery of her husband's infidelity

Black Cat Weekly No. 40.jpg

"Building Something Better"

Groovy Gumshoes

  Hired to locate a missing newlywed, Rochester, NY, private eye Jerry Hollister

finds more than he bargained for.

"Dumbass Is Dumbass"

Black Cat Weekly No. 64

November 2022

A South Dakota sheriff searching for a missing couple stumbles on a nefarious plot

Dumbass Is Dumbass.jpg

"If You Say So"

Mystery and Suspense Magazine, Summer 2022

A new arrival threatens

bully's nursing home 


Mystery and Suspense Magazine Summer-2022.jpg

"Smith & Wesson With A

Side of Chorizo"

December 2021

Tragedy looms as an Ohio prison inmate walks away

from his work camp


"Finders Keepers"

Tomorrow and Tomorrow

Private Eye Andy Hayes

must save a hospital administrator caught in a

Covid scam

"Looking for Katie Showalter"

Tough Magazine

Private Eye Andy Hayes

searches for a woman who disappeared

from a music festival

Smith & Wesson With a Side of Chorizo.jpg
Tomorrow and Tomorrw.jpg


Tough Magazine 2021.jpg

"The Lake"

This Time For Sure

2021 Bouchercon Anthology

A man reunites with his girlfriend after she left town suspected of murder

"Back Down to Black"

Mystery Magazine

Freelance courier Mercury Carter meets resistance

trying to a life-saving

vaccination formula.

This Time For Sure.jpg


Mystery Magazine November 2021.jpg


"The Mailman"

Mickey Finn Vol. 1

Freelance courier

Mercury Carter escorts a

woman fleeing her abusive husband

"The Whole Story"

Black Cat Mystery Magazine

PI Andy Hayes is hired to dig

up the story behind the story of a man's fatal accident 


Mickey Finn Volume 1.jpg
Black Cat Mystery Magzine No 7-Private Eye Issue.jpg

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"Going Places"

Columbus Noir

An Ohio governor's bodyguard pledges to always protect his boss--but at what cost?


"What Mr. Leonard Said"

Mystery Magazine

A poetic Texas serial killer knows his state history well

March 2020-Large.jpg
"The Most Terrible Thing"
Over My Dead Body magazine
A woman seeks answers to her sister's death on the 1-year anniversary

Letchworth Gorge.jpg

"The Path I Took"

Mystery Tribune

Danger stalks a young Gaelic scholar in rural Ireland in the 1980s

"Home For The Holidays"

Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine

An accountant goes missing right before Christmas. An Andy Hayes story

January 2020-EQMM.jpg


"You Can't Go Alone"
Mystery Magazine
A detective receives unexpected help while seeking justice for the death of his son from an overdose.

Mystery Magazine August 2019.jpg
Down And Out-Family Business.jpg
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